A rack of clothes

Free Clothes Giveaway 
Most Fridays we have tables and racks set up with clothes and other items that have been donated for those in need. 
Please call the Church Office for drop off hours or information.

Food Bank Ministry
The Lower Currituck Food Bank supports Currituck County residents by providing food to those who struggle to make ends meet or are in need of emergency food assistance
There is a Blessing Box in our Church foyer for food and other items to be dropped off. Please see Chris  Canter for more information. 
Nursing Home Ministry 
Every third Sunday, JCC volunteers visit residents at the Sentara Nursing Home in Barco to bring them the Word of God and lots of love. We have a mini-service that includes prayer, a devotion, and a rousing round of traditional hymns. The residents enjoy a quick game, in which all are winners, and each receives a nice gift, followed by refreshments. Everyone is very welcome to join us, singing voice not required!
For information please see Susan Fielder.


Benevolence Ministry
For those in need of direct assistance, our Elders will review and help individuals or families on a case-by-case basis.
For information or a formal request please call the church office.